Modern architecture is only modern if aesthetic aspects and a sustainable energy concept are combined.

The profiles decisive for the thermal insulation value are consistently made of insulation material and result in a frame insulation value of Uf=0,9W/m²k.
Thanks to the triple glazing we reach outstanding Uw-values which will meet future legal requirements. This protects against overheating in summer and saves energy in winter.

> best possible thermal insulation value, Uw-value below 0,8 W/m²K possible
> MINERGIE-P-certified
> triple glazing
> fibreglass profile exclusively consists of insulation material (composite material)
> tested Uf-value = 0,9 W/m²K
> remarkably better eco balance than aluminium
> eco-balance plus excellent Uf-value = less greenhouse gas emission
> profiles are entirely compostable
> lasting decrease of heating energy requirement
> increase in value of property