Fibreglass. The material.

Regarding the idea of sustainable building, fibreglass is the innovative material for a timeless and durable home.
The fibreglass profiles are installed as blind frames and sash profiles. These are a decisive factor regarding the thermal insulation value and continuously consist of isolation material. All haptic and visible parts are made of aluminium.

> absolutely weather-resistant
> high stability and durability
> low emission in production and use
> high thermic insulation capability
> 100% recyclable
> individual possibilities for surface finishing
> value increase of property
> only 1/3 of expansion compared to aluminium

We combined the core materials fibreglass, aluminium and glass in a way, that something totally new and unprecedented has emerged – burckhardt’s glide, the unique frameless sliding window system.

Fächerbad Karlsruhe.
One of the largest frameless sliding window facades Europe with a length of 54 m.
Element sizes: 3 m x 4 m.
Opening mechanism: electric and manual.