Function & Design

Excellent physical building properties and a modern design always go hand in hand with each other and make extraordinary insights and outlooks possible.

The frame- and wing profiles can be concealed-installed in ceiling, wall and floor. Smooth transitions between rooms and nature are created.
The burckhardt’s SOREG-glide window system offers a variety of possibilities regarding the arrangement of the wings thanks to clever and certified detail solutions. The frame profiles can be combined variably from single-rail up to four rails. Post-free corner solutions can also be realized with our system.
The profiles can be installed threshold-free in the floor area thanks to a thought out installation technique. The drainage of the threshold profiles is done via a specially developed controlled connection technology.
The GFK-profiles responsible for the thermal insulation value consist of high-isolating composite materials. The Uf-value of the burckhardt’s SOREG-glide window frame is 0.9 W/m²K.
Sliding elements max. 12 m², fixed glasing max. 16 m²
The labyrinth situation consists of a thought out arrangement of two EPDM rebate gaskets/stop sealings and various brush sealings.

The delicate, frameless window design gives each room a visual lightness and a high transparency and makes a connection to the surrounding nature possible.

The colours for the profile surfaces (inside and outside) can be chosen from all RAL- and special colours. The window profiles can thus be colour-matched to the surroundings.

The face width of a SOREG-glide Minergie-window is only about 38 mm in the joint area, also possible are smaller joint areas of only 26 mm.

Since all our products are custom-made with precise craftsmanship and industrial manufacturing technology we can easily react to technical and aesthetic wishes.

burckhardt’s SOREG-glide offers a variety of possible uses, whether in new or old buildings, private apartments or office buildings.

Function and Design

Comfort and Security

Energy efficiency