Comfort & Security

burckhardt’s SOREG-glide ensures security and protection at the highest level. The room-high sliding windows are easy to use manually and also available with an electrical drive.

The clever track system with integrated carriages allows an almost noiseless sliding of the window facades.

The wing profiles disappear in the base frame, which is mounted into the walls. Profile-free and barrier-free transitions from glass to floor and ceiling and walls are therefore created. A rotating aluminium covering rail offers a maximum of living comfort.

Electrical drive:
Fully automatic opening optionally available. Motor drive and control are invisible installed in the frame.

SOREG-glide track filler:
Track filler for complete accessibility

Sound insulation value up to 40 dB

Numerous closure options with cylinders, bolt catches or double-sided grip profiles

Burglar inhibition:
RC2 (WK 2)

Water tightness class:
class E 900 (EN 12208)

Air permeability:
class 4 (EN 12207)

Wind load:
Resistance to wind loads class C5 (EN 12210)

Different reinforcements in the labyrinth area

Further options:

  • Positions- and lock monitoring
  • Contacts for alarm glass
  • Insect protection
  • Special glasses
  • Additional measures regarding burglar inhibition

Function and Design

Comfort and Security

Energy efficiency